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Free Tool: Highlighting Your 5-Star Towing Service Reviews Using Video (PART 1)

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Regrettably June 26, 2023 Google sunset Marketing Kit and the functions outlined in this post.

Towing service reviews are important as ever and have a major impact on how people view and choose your towing company. While you can’t completely control the reviews customers leave, you can highlight the positive ones to make them stand out. Google has a free tool (we wrote about it last year when it was first introduced) that creates a 30-second video highlighting some of your recent 5-star towing service reviews. Using that video as a Google My Business Post is an effective and simple way to get your positive towing service reviews in front of the eyes that are choosing your towing company.

Below is a step-by-step on how to easily create and download the video. In Part 2, we’ll go over how to upload it as a Post within Google My Business.

Go to and find the text field “Enter business name”:

towing service reviews video 1

Search for your towing company and click the correct listing:

NOTE: In order to find your towing company here, you must first claim your Google My Business listing—something we think is key to online marketing for towers. If you haven’t done that, click here for the what, why, and how to get started.

towing service reviews video 2

You’ll be directed to a new page that includes all the free resources for you to use. For our purposes, scroll down to the bottom of the page:

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At this point, feel free to watch the 30-second video to see what Google has created for you. Then, use the hyperlink button to get the unique link for your towing service reviews promo video:

towing service reviews video 4

Click the blue button to copy the video link:

towing service reviews video 5

Go to and paste the towing service reviews video link into the text field provided. Click “Search”:

towing service reviews video 6

You will have several download options, but we recommend choosing the 720 MP4, which you can click to download to your computer.

towing service reviews video 7

At this point, close the GetVideo site, find the video file on your computer (likely a “Downloads” folder), and save it where you’ll remember to find it.

In Part 2, we’ll discuss how to upload your new towing reviews highlight video to your Google My Business listing.

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