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Tow Truck Company Advertising Plans

Get the level of tow truck company advertising your business currently requires. Even if you don’t have technical knowledge, in as few as two weeks our team will deliver everything your towing company needs to gain high rankings. In other words: get found, get called, get rewarded.


$ 279 Monthly + Ads
  • Maps
  • Local SEO
  • Website
  • PPC Ads Mgmt
  • Live Reporting
  • Domain


$ 399 Monthly + Ads
  • Classic Plan
  • Automated Reviews
  • Request Cards
  • Widgets
  • Integration
  • Alerts


$ 589 Monthly + Ads
  • Professional Plan
  • Review Responses
  • Social Media Posts
  • Custom Art
  • Prominence
  • And More!


At Lift Marketing Group we are dedicated to the towing industry. Correspondingly, towing companies of all shapes and sizes from light-duty providers to heavy truck towing, roadside, & repair market leaders count on us to keep their phone ringing.

towing-marketing-light duty
towing marketing heavy duty

What To Expect

Day 1

Input Call & Data Collection

Day 14

Website Launch

Day 21

Google Ads Launch

Day 30

Profiles Populating

Days 60+

Monitor & Refine

What's Included?

Firstly, the Classic Plan provides your towing company with all of the local search strategies you need in place to be found, get more cash calls, and increase your profits. These foundational tow truck company advertising elements are included in all our plans.


  • Maps/Online Profiles
  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile-First Towing Website
  • Google Ads Campaign Setup & Managment
  • You pay Google directly for PPC ads
  • Live Reporting
  • Domain

Secondly, our Professional Plan is the essential next step for any growing towing business. Our review tool automates your review process to drive up your review counts and ensures you are actively engaged in customer feedback.


  • Everything from the Class Plan +
  • SMS/Text and Email Review Automation
  • Request Cards
  • Review Website Widgets
  • Dispatch Software Integration
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform
  • Response Sample Library

Lastly, our Premium Plan makes it simple for your towing company to stay engaged with your customers with frequent, relevant social media posts and activity. It also delivers personal responses to all of your customer reviews.


  • Everything from the Professional Plan +
  • Feedback & Review Responses
  • Weekly Social Media Posts with Promotional, Informational, & Community Mixture
  • Custom Art
  • Page Creation or Improvement
  • Prominence
  • & More

What Can I Add On?

We offer reliable, domain-matching email addresses at a direct pass-thru cost usually below $75/year/email.

Under those circumstances, you can personalize communications from your towing company collectively or from each team member.

With attention to service, we will walk you through integrating these accounts into the email tool you’re currently using—including computers, tablets and smartphones.

Give your company name the attention it deserves with a new or updated logo design. To that end, we can create a text- or image-based logo to feature on your trucks, online, and on your printed materials.

Make a great impression with professional business cards. With this intention, we can create and print company cards or cards for each member of your team to give to dealerships, private property managers, and customers.

Video showcases towing and recovery with the drama it entails and expertise it requires. With this purpose in mind, we can create a compilation video from your collection of videos and images. Subsequently you can feature the video on your site, your GBP listing, and on social media platforms.

If the Spanish ads and landing pages we offer as part of our Classic Plan aren’t enough, we can add structure to your site to make it multi-lingual. In essence, it will give users the ability to choose English or Spanish.

If you want more than the social media posting and review responses we offer as part of Premium Plan, we can add keyword-rich, human-generated blogging to your search engine optimization strategy.

Want more in-depth discussions with our team? Engage us in scheduled consultations where we’ll analyze your website’s stats, competitors, and industry trends to guide a conversation around the options you might take to accomplish new business goals.

What Else Should I Know?

Selecting the right tow truck company advertising agency can be challenging.

We have no contracts. To clarify, our clients operate on a month-to-month basis and can change plans or cancel any time. We know our program will prove itself effective month after month. Undoubetly driving calls to your phone lines.

Our founder knows from years as a towing company owner that the towing industry is a difficult business. One bad contract can severely hobble your company or drive you out of business. That’s why we’ve never required one. We’re eager to prove our value each and every month, and we have a record of transparent and stable fees.

We host your site, yet we never take possession of your domain. To clarify, we point the domain to our servers from your account. If you don’t have one, we’ll purchase one on your behalf. To emphasize, we think it’s important to consider your URL a company asset much like you would a truck or any other piece of equipment.

Extenuating circumstances sometimes result in terminating a marketing partner relationship. Be that as it may, you will have an opportunity to purchase the most current version of the website we have produced for you. In this situation you can then engage a new hosting partner, make necessary DNS changes, and install the files on your new server.

From time to time we attract two companies in the same service area. Given that, our existing client has right of first refusal. In some situations, we suggest our client become an Exclusive Partner at an extra monthly cost of $200. In other cases, we recommend no changes, as both companies can be served without compromise. Regardless of the recommendation, the existing client gets the final decision.

Nobody can guarantee results in SEO including us, yet we can make the phone ring plenty. The number of calls depends on whether or not your market has the volume and whether or not you want to invest what it takes to claim the volume. Therefore, we commit to engaging with only the companies where we know we can produce successful results.

To make it easy for you to view real-time website and Google Ads activity, we offer a dashboard feature you can view 24/7/365. In summary, you can detect how much traffic arrives on your towing website via unpaid sources like organic and direct, and you can monitor how many inquiries are generated by online advertising alone.

We know how to create Market Dominance

To put it differently, we stay ahead of the competition and reliably put more money in their pockets. Call us, and be the brand cash callers want & competitors envy.