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Social Media

Engaging in social media and review platforms helps the most successful towing companies to truly stand out among their competitors.

Two towing operators standing out in reflective gear as they work to solve a semi turnover recovery.

Watch your participation in search results grow to cover the page top to bottom.

See how your reputation shines online and how you can protect it when needed.

Feed the algorithms and experience the ranking benefit.


Tow companies web marketing is most effective when all channels are active. Most towing companies are not active on social media or responding to reviews. By comparison, modern-day customers expect to talk about and to companies on the platforms they’re using to socialize, to be entertained, and to research purchases. Consequently, tow companies who meet customers where they are provide another level of customer service to ensure they stand out among their competitors.

Screenshot of towing company using social media to garner business.
Two Facebook posts by a towing company.


Having a routine dialogue online results in a stable and defendable reputation. Review platforms offer two-way conversations. When things are mostly positive, we find different ways to express gratitude and go the extra mile to further engage customers. By the same token, when something sour hits, there is sometimes a chance to transform a bad customer experience into good one. In either case, we can signal to prospective customers we’re professional and how they’ll be treated.


Getting your positive messages to rank in Google search results can provide insurance against an exaggerated impound complaint or disgruntled former employee. Having a presence and being active where your customers live and feel comfortable can indicate your business is professional and more important than companies who are not there.

Furthermore, Google, Yahoo and Bing have acknowledged they use social activity signals in their algorithms, social media provides ranking benefit. What’s more, when your competitors aren’t doing it this gives tow companies web marketing a chance to stand out.

More About Social Media

As you’d expect from a tow company web marketing partner, we will deliver your business a robust, ongoing presence on the major social media platforms that is interconnected and supportive of the rest of your online identity. We will create absent pages with your input and improve existing pages to maximize their effect.

Our tow company web marketing team will generate keyword-rich content every week–on up to three platforms for your towing company. We’ll use a mixture of promotional, information, and community-oriented messages to create an active social media presence. Of course, you and your team can still post to these channels as time allows and events warrant.

We will respond to all of your customer reviews with a positive, professional, and consistent voice. Occasionally we’ll actively send positive reviews to you with a personal shout out so you can celebrate and reward drivers, technicians, and dispatchers being recognized by your customers. And since we’re one of the only web marketing towing companies founded by a former tower, our negative reviews will receive insightful, empathetic responses focused on attracting new customers, and unwanted reviews that don’t follow platform policies will be flagged for removal.

We will add a light-loading reviews popup and widget to stream reviews on your website. This provides regular installments of fresh, relevant, and valuable content updates.

Which Plan is Right For You?

Social Media is included in our Premium plan. Shop our services to get the level of online marketing your business currently requires.