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Google Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are at the top of browser searches. Most successful towing companies participate in Google PPC Ads as part of their marketing mix. We find alongside the high organic results we generate, it's a winning combination.

Screenshots of a towing company advertising on Google Ads.

Get the benefit of an accredited partner and one who’s been at it since 2009.

See how responding to reviews attracts profitable cash calls.

Profit from standing out and being selected over your competition.

Google Partner

Google Ads is a powerful platform for your towing business to compete for customers exactly when those potential customers are stranded and looking for what you offer. We’ve obtained professional accreditation from Google and are an official Google Partner.

PPC Ads Set Up

Since 2009 we have been exclusively serving the towing industry, so we develop your pay-per-click (PPC) strategy with a solid foundation in relevant experience. We create data-driven, geographically-targeted PPC advertising campaigns using the most effective platforms available—which currently means Google Ads for most clients.

To generate the most return on your investment, we build your Ads campaigns to filter out unproductive searches and clicks that will be served by organic results. That leaves more money to target the most likely potential customers.

We generate and manage your keyword targeted ad campaign driving cost-effective clicks and calls. Using our proprietary mix of negative keyword suppression, proven ad copy, and secondary keyword targeting, you are sure to get the most out of your monthly ad spending.

PPC Ads Management

Once set up, we monitor and refine your campaigns. We have managed placement of millions of dollars in towing-related pay-per-click ads, so our deep expertise allows us to expand on successes from across our client base. From minding the budget, to testing new ad copy, to adding keywords, to reducing irrelevant competitive and mismatch clicks, we do it all for you.

More About Google Ads

We do not tie our compensation to ad fees, so our recommendations are unbiased. We help you to determine your PPC budget, and then you pay Google directly with no mark up. When our team detects potential to get more calls while maintaining significant returns, we will recommend increases in advertising spend. Our recommendations are subject to your approval and are never required.

Which Plan is Right For You?

Google Ads are included in all three of our plans. Shop our services to get the level of online marketing your business currently requires.