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Online Towing Reviews Using GBP’s Free Tool for Texting Review Requests

online towing reviews

Accumulating a steady flow of positive online towing reviews is crucial to capturing more cash call leads. While there are many effective subscription-based tools, using the custom review link within your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a free and helpful way to start in accomplishing this goal.

Reviews Are Increasingly Significant for a Strong Online Presence

There is no shortage of proof. Online towing reviews are a key to having a strong web presence and driving cash calls. For starters, 98% of consumers read online reviews when choosing local businesses. They are noticeable from the top to bottom of local search results. Reviews also improve local search ranking by providing more online touches for your company.

There are many paid tools that automate the process of asking customers for reviews, including our Reputable Reviews. But Google also has a free and simple-to-use tool right inside your company’s Google Business Profile (GBP). Google provides you with a company-specific link you can text customers. The link will take them directly to your Google profile where they can leave you a positive review.

Creating the GBP Link to My Company’s Review Profile

For companies with a Google Business Profile, the process for creating your direct link to share with customers is a few quick steps:

  1. Login to your Google Business Profile HERE
  2. From within the dashboard, navigate to the Home section (you should land there by default)
  3. Scroll down until you see the “Get more reviews” section and click/tap “Share profile” (mobile) or “Share review form” (desktop)
  4. This custom link will direct people straight to your Google review submission form
gbp get more reviews
towing company google review form

Using My Company’s GBP Review Link

Consider how to best incorporate a review request into your current workflow. Following are some suggestions:

  • If your dispatcher has a texting tool or customer communication tool built, keep the link handy so you can quickly copy, paste, and send it to the customer.
  • If you have a fleet of drivers, have them keep the code somewhere on their phones. They can send it to the customer right when the job closes or even while the (hopefully happy) customer is in the truck with them.
  • If you are an owner/operator, we recommend you download the Google Business Profile app and send the request from the app. When you send the request directly from the app, it includes a friendly message in addition to the link.
review request text message

PRO TIP: Include a friendly message along with the link. The default language used directly from the GBP app is, “[TOWING COMPANY NAME] would love your feedback. Post a review to our profile.”

Customers Want To Leave Positive Online Towing Reviews

The industry study referenced above also indicated that 67% of consumers will consider leaving a review for a positive experience, while 40% will consider leaving a review for a negative experience.

Your customers want to leave positive online towing reviews for positive experiences, so we must make it easy for them.

Taking advantage of free tools like the one provided in your company’s GBP is just one of the many strategies for setting yourself apart from your competition and driving more cash calls.

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