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How to Advertise Towing Business

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When deciding how to advertise a towing business, it is crucial to develop a website with high-quality content for all services. This tells Google what your company does, and provides more opportunities to capture top positions in towing searches.

Advertise Tow Biz Via Content-Rich Website

For tow websites to effectively drive more cash calls, “content still reigns as king.”

Too often we see one-page towing websites with a bulleted list of services. Even when the company offers more than what is stated. However, without sharing content for all services, customers and Google do not know what your business does.

If you want to rank highly for “towing near me” and other phrases, above all, you must tell Google precisely what services you provide.

Four Steps to Advertise Your Towing Business

These recommendations will differentiate you from competitors:

Multiple pages help highlight ALL services.

1) Create Multiple Pages to Advertise Individual Services

First, use separate pages to describe each service your tow business provides.

Dedicate a full page to light towing. And then promote each additional tow capability with its own page. Such as 24hr towing, roadside assistance, accident towing, off-road recovery, specialty car towing, and motorcycle towing.

This not only increases the perceived value of your company, but also informs Google of your full service offerings.

2) Be Specific in Describing Each Service Offering

Second, write in-depth descriptions for each service.

For example, don’t just include a sentence that mentions you provide “rotator service.” Explain your “75-ton rotator has 360 degrees of rotation and a lift capacity greater than 20,000 lbs at full extension.” This level of detail will result in prospective customers viewing you as THE solution for their towing need.

More detail is better!

Action shots help build trust with prospective customers.

3) Advertise with Action Shots

Next, include pictures to capture web users’ attention and to bring your services to life.

Original images of your towing company demonstrates a clear visual of your equipment and professionalism. Pictures also allow searchers to envision your company providing a service for them.

In other words, these action shots make for a better user experience, and offer a chance for higher Google rankings. 

4) Advertise Your Service Area and Processes

Lastly, explain your service area and processes in easy terms.

What major roads and intersections do you service? What towns and counties do you work in? How do people contact you? How can they pay you? 

The more details, the more comfortable the customer will feel. More importantly, the more keywords Google will associate with your towing business. 

Proof In Advertising

After we implement these advertising best practices for our clients, we find their websites often earn the top TWO organic positions. This is because their websites are unique and content rich.

As pictured, a Google search “motorcycle towing Pensacola” gets our client the top two spots. One for the towing-specific page, and one for their home page. Similarly, “heavy towing Baltimore” gets another client the top two spots. One for their heavy towing page, and one for their home page.

how to advertise towing business

It’s the Extra Steps That Count for Advertising Tow Biz

In conclusion, building a towing website to rank well on Google is important to advertising your towing business. Create high-quality content carefully detailing ALL services, and outsmart your competition in the battle for cash calls.

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