Tow Show Special

Tow Show Schedule 2023

2023 Tow Show Schedule

Grow your towing business through networking, training, and opportunities at these 2023 tow shows.

Tow Show Schedule 2023 by Date

Tow Show Schedule 2023 by Location

Are you taking advantage of these opportunities at tow shows to further move your business forward?

Networking with Colleagues

Meet others facing the same challenges as you and whom understand the industry like only a front liner can. Discuss what isn’t working to find new solutions. Share triumphs and routines that are working. Ultimately, create connections to carry beyond the show. Then when back home, draw on support as complications and successes arise.

Training and Increasing Skills

Participate in educational seminars where experts share tips, techniques, and tools for growing your business. Look for us delivering What Google Wants from You in Florida, Texas, and Baltimore. Engage in training sessions to increase the skills of your towing team and gain valuable industry updates. Receive the latest information on legislation, safety, and the needs for new vehicles.

Viewing Latest Equipment

Interact with the major manufacturers of wreckers, carriers, trailers, and truck chassis. Check out the latest and greatest equipment, demonstrations, and tow truck beauty contests. Connect with suppliers of chains, straps, safety gear, lockout tools, and more. 

Interacting Face to Face with Vendors

Connect with representatives from around the country providing services to grow your business in areas specific to towing including insurance, equipment financing, software, and marketing. Meet with major motor club representatives, dispatch systems providers, GPS companies, and other business supports. 

Meeting the Lift Team

There is no business like tow business and Lift Marketing can provide the boost to create the towing business of your dreams. Members of our team will be at the following tow shows sharing towing marketing strategies during our free seminars and in the expo center. We invite the opportunity to discuss our unique marketing enhancements for your company at:

  • The Florida Tow Show in Orlando, Florida on April 14 & 15
  • The American Towman TowXpo in Fort Worth, Texas on July 13-15
  • The American Towman Exposition in Baltimore, Maryland on November 16-18

Tow Show Schedule 2023 by Date

View tow show schedule 2023 by location instead of by date.

April 13-15
Florida Tow Show
Orlando, Florida

May 16-18
American Towman ShowPlace
Las Vegas, Nevada

June 9-11
Empire State Towing & Recovery Association
Lake George, New York

June 16-18
Wisconsin Towing Association Tow Show & Convention
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

July 13-15
American Towman TowXpo
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

July 21-22
Pacific Northwest Regional Tow Show
Moses Lake, Washington

August 18-19
Indiana Tow Show
Lebanon, Indiana

September 15-16
Provincial Towing Association Tow Trade Show
Kitchener, Ontario CANADA

September 15-17
Montana Tow Show Convention
Anaconda, Montana

September 21-24
Midwest Regional Tow Show
Mason/Cincinnati, Ohio

September 26-30
Tennessee Tow Show
Chattanooga, Tennessee

November 16-18
American Towman Exposition
Baltimore, Maryland

Tow Show Schedule 2023 by Location

Show tow show schedule 2023 by date.

Florida Tow Show
April 13-15 in Orlando, Florida

Indiana Tow Show
August 18-19 in Lebanon, Indiana

American Towman Exposition
November 16-18 in Baltimore, Maryland

Montana Tow Show Convention
September 15-17 in Anaconda, MT

American Towman ShowPlace
May 16-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada

New York
Empire State Towing & Recovery Association
June 9-11 in Lake George Village, New York

Midwest Regional Tow Show
September 21-24 in Mason/Cincinnati, Ohio

Tennessee Tow Show
September 26-30 in Chattanooga, Tennessee

American Towman TowXpo
July 13-15 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Pacific Northwest Tow Show
July 21-22 in Moses Lake, Washington

Wisconsin Towing Association Tow Show & Convention
June 16-18 in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Provincial Towing Association Tow Trade Show
September 15-16, Kitchener, Ontario CANADA


This is the complete 2023 Tow Show schedule as we know it. Please contact us if you think we should add or change something.

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