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Online Towing Reviews: How To Yield Them Using QR Codes

Towing Company Reviews with QR Code

Online Towing Reviews: How To Yield Them Using QR Codes

Earning positive online towing reviews is a vital part of your towing company online marketing. The most recent data shows 86% of consumers read online reviews when choosing companies. But effectively achieving a healthy review count and quality can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there’s a piece of old technology in the midst of a resurgence that can make it easier for you to gather those positive reviews – the QR code.

Until recently, using a QR (Quick Response) code for any form of marketing was an uphill battle. Consumers had to download a separate app used for reading QR codes, which meant there were several steps between the QR code and the end result – a burdensome process that didn’t work.

In September 2017, Apple released their iOS 11 update which included a native QR code reader within the camera function. This meant that 120 million iPhone owners (in the United States) could now read a QR code by simply holding their camera over the code – no third party app necessary.

More importantly, this means that you now have a simple and effective way to direct happy customers straight to your Google My Business (GMB) listing where they can leave you a positive online towing review. You can likewise send customers to Facebook, Yelp (at your own risk), or Yellow Pages, but Google continues to be the most important for strengthening your overall online marketing. (If you haven’t claimed your GMB listing, click here to find out how.)

Try It Out

Below is an active QR code. If you have an iPhone and are reading this on a desktop computer, open the camera function of your phone and place the QR code within view. A notification will prompt you to follow through to the landing page, in this case, our Online Analysis request.Lift Marketing Group Online Analysis QR Code

Now, create one for your towing company reviews.

Creating a QR Code

Below is a short video, as well as the written step-by-step, on how to create a custom QR code that will direct customers to your GMB listing:


1. Go to Google’s PlaceID Lookup Tool.

2. In the search bar, search for and select your towing company. You will see a “Place ID”

Google Place IDs Lookup

3. Open a new browser window and copy and paste the following URL. DON’T HIT ENTER YET.

4. Return to the Place ID Lookup Tool, and copy your “Place ID”

Google Place ID

5. Return to the second browser window and paste it onto the end of the URL. Before hitting enter, copy this full URL.

Google Place ID Full Review URL

6. Go to QR Code Generator, select “URL,” and paste the URL into the text field.

QR Code Generator

7. If given the option, click “Shorten URL,” which will produce a more easily-read QR code.

QR Code Generator Shortened URL

8. Click “Save,” name your QR code file, and save it as a PNG.

Using a QR Code to Drive Reviews

Now that you have your QR code, use it! Below are two quick and simple ways to use your QR code to effectively yield online towing reviews:

1. Print out several small, business card-sized codes and keep them in your trucks. At the end of a successful tow, or while en-route with your customer, mention how important positive online towing reviews are to the success of your company, and ask them to leave you a review. Here’s a sample script:

I’d like to ask you a favor… if you hold your phone camera over this QR code, it will direct you to our Google listing. Would you mind leaving us a review and sharing your opinion? If you write 20 words, it should only take a minute or two. Your comments would help others looking for a reputable towing company…and it would help us to remain a strong business in the community. Thanks a million! I look forward to reading what you write.

2. Print out a large QR code and affix it to the passenger-side dashboard of your trucks. While en-route with a customer, and when they seem to be at their peak of happiness, explain the QR code and ask them to leave you a review. The above script still applies.

Keep in mind, establishing a healthy reviews signature is part of your long-term game. You won’t get a review from everyone you ask; in fact, it will be far from that. But asking as many customers as possible for a review, and making it as easy as possible for them to do so, is a wise beginning to a successful strategy.

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