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Tow Truck Warning: Ask Waze to support Slow Down/Move Over!

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The national towing community is asking Waze to add a tow truck warning to its list of alerts – and you can help! Waze, a Google-owned navigation app, provides real-time user-generated warnings for accidents, construction zones, and closed roads, to name a few. Unfortunately, there is currently no standard warning for when a tow truck or other emergency responder is spotted. A recent effort has been made through the Waze Suggestion Box to add a Slow Down/Move Over notification, and it is gaining steam…

How Can I Help The Cause?

Waze Suggestion Box Voting

Click or tap the Vote Now button below to submit your vote (or three!) to the Waze Suggestion Box. Be sure to write a comment on why an emergency responder notification is important to you. The Waze Suggestion Box is a forum to collect user feedback and ideas for the app and, in general, the more votes and comments a suggestion receives, the more likely it is to get serious consideration for implementation.

Vote Now ButtonLet’s Reach 10,000 Votes!

At the time of publishing this blog, the Slow Down/Move Over suggestion is currently the hottest idea on the Suggestion Box, and is the number seven top vote getter at 6,806 votes. But why stop there? Let’s see if we, the towing community, can reach 10,000 votes! Spread the word by asking everyone you know to vote. Together we can put tow trucks on the map toward greater safety.

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