Tow Truck Business Listings on Google Maps: How to Report the Fake Ones

The battle to show up in Google Maps search results for tow truck business searches is just that – a battle.

Most towing companies put in the hard work of building a strong online presence and earning one of the three or four coveted spots. But have you ever notice a phantom tow truck business competitor show up out of nowhere on Google Maps and in the Local Pack? It will likely leave you frustrated, as one of these fake companies is now pulling away business from the real towing companies that worked hard to get there. Fortunately, Google just made it easier to do something about it…

In late February, Google My Business (Google’s tool to manage Maps Business Listings) released a new form for reporting fraudulent behavior. Per the announcement, “If you come across a business name, phone number, or URL on Google Maps that leads to fraudulent activity, you can now submit a complaint.”

Tips for Reporting Fake Tow Truck Business Listings

We encourage all our clients to send us fake tow truck business listings for removal or to report fake Google listings whenever they find them. Based on the new form provided, below are a few tips and suggestions:

What if I don’t want to tell Google the business it’s impacting (AKA – my business)?

Many tow truck businesses are reluctant to report spam because they don’t want their competitors knowing they were the ones to report it. The safest bet here is to put NA in those fields.

Do I get a response when the report was processed?

You’ll get a generic response telling you that since it’s not a business you manage, you won’t get an update on what happened. For this reason, we suggest setting a reminder for yourself to check back in a few weeks.

What if the fake listing violates more than one of the drop-down options?

Choose the one that seems most fraudulent, likely the Title (Company Name). Then list out the other violations in the provided text box.

Fake Reviews Violation Dropdown


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