Introducing Kevin McMillan

Meet Kevin.

Introducing Kevin McMillan, the newest addition to the Lift Marketing Group team. He’s ready to help you amp up your online marketing game, turning web traffic into revenue.

Before introducing Kevin McMillan to Lift Marketing Group, he worked in the Pittsburgh office of a Chicago-based exhibit marketing company. While there, he helped elevate the trade show program for the USPS, State Farm, MINI, Porsche and more.

Introducing Kevin McMillan brings a designer’s eye, video production know how, and a level head in high-consequence situations to Lift Marketing Group. He has a “customer-first” mentality, working to the benefit and success of you, as his customer, as well as your customers. When your patrons win, you win. And when you win, Kevin wins.

When not helping his clients, Kevin can be found on a basketball court, working on a project in his garage, or spending quality time (preferably outdoors while hiking or biking) with his wife and daughter.

You can find Kevin promoting the latest towing news and SEO trends on Twitter @kevmcmill.

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