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Protecting Your Towing Company & Customers During COVID-19

protecting towing company COVID-19

Protecting tow companies during COVID-19 (loosely referred to as the Coronavirus) is critical. With March Madness becoming March Sadness. Schools closing. Restaurants with takeout or delivery only. Air travel, stock markets, tow shows… you name it, and it has likely been affected by this fast-spreading disease.

Tow truck companies remain essential for motorists and trucking companies alike. So, how do tow company owners continue day-to-day operations while also protecting their employees and customers?

While Lift Marketing Group is not an authority on anything virus related, we gathered a few resources to help guide you through this unprecedented situation as well as highlight a few towing-specific measures already in place.


As a towing company owner or employee, you likely have several questions. “How can we protect our tow truck operators, dispatchers and other staff from exposure while working?” “Should we let customers into our trucks or shop?” “When should we send an employee home?”

Those are good questions to be asking. This article published by the Harvard Business Review poses these questions, with others, and provides practical answers and steps for ensuring a safe work environment.


The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published a helpful list of recommended strategies for employers to put in place. While there is nothing specific to the towing industry, implementing these best practices will make sure you are being proactive in helping to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus.



Following are a few examples of the towing industry addressing those questions and doing their part to enact safe business practices:

AAA Technicians are cleaning their trucks multiple times per day. This falls in line with the CDC’s recommendation to “perform routine environmental cleaning.” If customers are sick, they are asked to disclose that information while requesting service so that arrangements can be made to find a ride if their vehicle requires towing.AAA Precautions for COVID-19

Wicked Towing is equipping drivers with surgical masks and disposable surgical gloves to use when needed.Wicked Towing Precautions for COVID-19

Another towing company posted in a forum that passengers are currently not allowed to ride in their trucks.Tow blog precautions for COVID-19

A regional group of first responders asks questions to determine how to respond and with what equipment.

protecting towing companies from coronavirus

Monson Towing is disinfecting seats and interior surfaces and using a new set of rubber gloves for each vehicle serviced.

protecting towing company

AlleyCat Towing added a banner to their website announcing that they continue to operate during the COVID-19 crisis.

protecting towing company alleycat


If your towing company has already taken action to protect your employees and customers from the spread of COVID-19, that’s great. If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to think about what would be most effective given your situation (size of company, number of trucks, etc.) and put a plan in place. We hope everyone stays safe and supports your fellow towers and neighbors in the challenging days to come.

Feel free to call one of our team members if you need a sounding board for protecting your tow company.

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