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Tow truck marketing is complicated. Potential customers search using personal methods. It cannot be effectively advertised the same was as a pizza parlor, a baker shop, or a dentist office. Partnering with Lift Marketing Group–a tow truck marketing company–will save you money. Our team approaches tow truck company marketing uniquely. Following are answer to questions we commonly here about how we work.

How are you different from other SEO providers?

As former towers, our industry knowledge is ingrained. We serve only towing companies, so our results are superior to other companies who are helping a dentist in the morning, a pizza guy in the afternoon, and your business at night. We build a lasting marketing asset you can leverage for years and not just ads which are gone the moment a search is complete. And you do not sign a contract with us, so we stay hungry to keep your business.

Can you guarantee results?

Nobody can guarantee results in SEO including us. We commit to only engaging with companies where we know we can produce successful results.

Can you get me 50 calls a day?

Probably not, yet we can make the phone ring plenty. The number of calls depends on whether or not your market has the volume and whether or not you want to invest what it takes to claim the volume.

If I spend more on Google ads, do you make more money?

No. We make the same amount no matter your Google budget. And because it doesn’t typically require more work once the adjustment is made, we continue to choose this model despite clients who say they would expect to pay more. We feel it keeps us more honest. When we detect potential to get more calls while maintaining significant returns, we will recommend increases in advertising spend. Our recommendations are subject to client approval and are never required. Because we don’t tie our compensation to ad fees, our recommendations are unbiased.

What happens if my competitor wants to work with you?

We do not conduct outbound sales. We are found online and at tow shows where they speak and exhibit. Occasionally we attract two companies in the same service area. When this happens, our existing client has right of first refusal. In some instances we suggest our client become an Exclusive Partner at an extra monthly cost of $200. In other cases, we recommend no changes, as both companies can be served without compromise. Regardless of the recommendation, the existing client gets the final decision.

How will I know what you’ve done for us?

We’ll provide you a dashboard to see paid, organic, referral, & direct traffic. Some clients request special reports be sent monthly or daily and use their access to the Google suite of tools to see even more. Other clients consider the volume of cash calls to be their proof.

How can I improve our results?

Provide us information on when the phone rings (or not) and on who’s calling (or not). Bury us in photos—of trucks on the their own, trucks with your employees, trucks in action, new trucks, polished equipment, etc. Inform us when you add a new service or location.

How quickly will you respond to my requests?

We’re small, yet we’re mighty. We typically respond within one business day—and respond to emergencies (like adding a page to address flood situations) as needed.

How long are your contracts?

We have no contracts. Our clients operate on a month-to-month basis and can cancel any time. We know our program will prove itself effective month after month–driving calls to your phone lines. Our founder knows from years as a towing company owner that the towing industry is a difficult business. One bad contract can severely hobble your company or drive you out of business. That’s why we’ve never required a contract. We’re eager to prove our value each and every month.

Do I maintain ownership of my URL?

Yes. We host your site, yet we never take possession of your domain. We point the domain to our servers from your account. If you don’t have one, we’ll purchase one on your behalf. We think you should consider your URL a company asset much like you would a truck or any other piece of equipment.

Do I get to keep the website if I cancel?

We understand extenuating circumstances sometimes result in terminating a marketing partner relationship. If this situation arises, you will have an opportunity to purchase the website we have produced for you. You can then engage a new hosting partner, make necessary DNS changes, and install the files on your new server. The reason we do not have an upfront charge for our websites is all websites require routine updates to remain competitive and relevant on Google and other search engines. As our client, we provide these updates to the websites under our management. When you purchase a website, you will get the most current version of our site build.

Why aren’t you charging more for your services?

Several longtime customers have suggested we raise our prices. We make a fair wage with our current structure and enjoy seeing tow companies succeed simultaneously. We keep our costs as low as we can to ensure quality while delivering a competitive service.

Will you help my buddy who owns a plumbing business?

No. We only work with towing companies. Towing is a complicated service and is searched by potential customers in unique ways. It cannot be effectively advertised the same way as a pizza parlor, a barber shop, or a dentist office. Partnering with us–a tow truck company marketing agency working exclusively with towers–will save you money. Partnering with only towing companies allows us to price services affordably.

What technology platform do you prefer?

We prefer whatever works the best for the current time period. Our development team routinely reviews and tests new and emerging ad and message-targeting technologies to evolve our practices to ensure we offer the best possible tool mixture. Our plans are effective and can give your tow truck company the marketing you need for one affordable price.

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