Sustained Social Media

Tow companies web marketing partners like Lift Marketing Group can make it simple for your towing company to stay engaged with your customers with frequent, relevant social media posts and activity and with personal responses to your customer reviews. We work hard to stay at the top of the tow companies web marketing list. We were founded by a tower, we’re tenacious, and we have no contracts to keep us hungry for your business month after month.

Sustained Social Media

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Online Reputation Management. Prominence. Search Engine Optimization.

Getting your positive messages to rank in Google search results can provide insurance against an exaggerated impound complaint or disgruntled former employee. Having a presence and being active where your customers live and feel comfortable can indicate to them your business is professional and more important than companies who are not there. And since Google, Yahoo and Bing have acknowledged they use social activity signals in their algorithms, social media provides ranking benefit–especially when your competitors aren’t doing it.

Our Sustained Social Media include these main components plus lots of extras:

  • Social Media Development
  • Social Media Posting
  • Customer Review Responses

Social Media Development

web marketing towing company social media development

As you’d expect from a tow company web marketing partner, we will deliver your business a robust, ongoing presence on the major social media platforms that is interconnected and supportive of the rest of your online identity. We will create absent pages with your input and improve existing pages to maximize their effect.

Social Media Posting

Our tow company web marketing team will generate keyword-rich content every week–on up to three platforms for your towing company. We’ll use a mixture of promotional, information, and community-oriented messages to create an active social media presence. Of course, you and your team can still post to these channels as time allows and events warrant.

web marketing towing company social media posts

Customer Review Responses

web marketing towing company customer review responses

One items that sets us apart from other tow companies web marketing partners, we will respond to all of your customer reviews with a positive, professional, and consistent voice. We’ll actively send positive reviews to you with a personal shout out so you can celebrate and reward drivers, technicians, and dispatchers being recognized by your customers. And since we’re one of the only web marketing towing companies founded by a former tower, our negative reviews will receive insightful, empathetic responses focused on attracting new customers, and unwanted reviews that don’t follow platform policies will be flagged for removal.

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