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Full-Scale Fundamentals

A towing website is a central piece of the all-inclusive plans Lift Marketing Group offers to manage your entire online presence from building and maintaining your mobile-responsive towing website to ensuring your company shows up in top positions on Google in all results categories including Maps, Organic, and Ad Positions. Using the latest technologies and keeping an eye on affordability, we are the most effective way for your towing company to get found and get more cash calls.


Potential customers search for a towing website in many ways using all sorts of technology. We create digital strategies that span personal search preferences and devices and use owned, earned, and paid elements to be most effective.

Mobile-First Towing Websites

We design and develop mobile-responsive towing websites for towing companies. The page layout seamlessly reformats to optimize view and navigation according to screen size and ratio for mobile, desktop, and tablets.

After you have an Input Call your site is custom-built to match your full line of service offerings to ensure your marketing budget works hard to drive cash calls to your company.

With our ongoing-management strategy, we proactively update your towing website to ensure it always exceeds the latest Google requirements. We also commit to making client-requested site updates within 48 hours (faster for emergencies).

Our towing websites are mobile-first designed with the most profitable prospects in mind. These elements are essential to cost-effectively targeting stranded motorists and efficiently getting your message in front of them at the moment they are choosing a towing company.

Domain & Email Addresses

Included in every plan is a custom website domain name ( for your towing website. We consider your URL a company asset, much like a truck. Web hosting on our secure servers is included in the plan. If you already own your domain, then we can simply point it to our servers from your account.

Two custom email addresses come with every plan (more available as needed). We will walk you through integrating these accounts into the email tool you’re currently using—including computers, tablets and all mobile devices and smartphone.

towing websites email

Online Profiles

towing websites online profiles

One of the keys to successful online marketing is having a consistent company message across Internet properties like Google, Bing, Yelp, YP, and numerous additional local search providers and directories aligned with your towing website.

We have an expert team dedicated to claiming, cleaning up, and optimizing your online message and listings. We also monitor competitor profiles and report violators to search engines so winning profitable calls is done fairly.

Organic Search & Ad Rank

We are constantly improving and promoting your towing website to increase the number of calls and the number of visits your site receives. From the words, to the links, to the technology behind it, we structure your site in a way that search engines and people find and understand.

We use on-site local search engine optimization (SEO) including meta tags, sitemap.xml, and local schema markup to help you to show up higher in Google searches on the maps, local packs, and organic listings complete with review stars. Higher rankings means more exposure which leads to more cash calls.

towing websites organic search results

Customer Reviews & Social Media Chatter

  • towing websites reviews

To generate additional earned online presence, we create a reviews page for every towing website and establish any missing social media pages. This gives you an easy place to direct customers to review your services and an easy transition for them to review you on the platform of their choice.

Towing companies who want to put an even greater emphasis on reviews invest in Reputable Reviews to automate driving even more reviews and in Sustained Social Media to automate review response and social media posts.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Setup & Ongoing Management

Google Ads is a powerful platform for your towing business to compete for customers exactly when those potential customers are stranded and looking for what you offer.

Since 2009 we have been exclusively serving the towing industry, so we develop your pay-per-click (PPC) strategy with a solid foundation in relevant experience. We create data-driven, geographically-targeted PPC advertising campaigns using the most effective platforms available—which currently means Google Ads for most clients.

To generate the most return on your investment, we build your Ads campaigns to filter out unproductive searches and clicks that will be served by organic results. That leaves more money to target the most likely potential customers.

We generate and manage your keyword targeted ad campaign driving cost-effective clicks and calls. Using our proprietary mix of negative keyword suppression, proven ad copy, and secondary keyword targeting, you are sure to get the most out of your monthly ad spending.

Once set up, we consistently monitor and refine your campaigns. We have managed placement of over $2 million in towing-related pay-per-click ads, so our deep expertise allows us to expand on successes from across our client base. From minding the budget, to testing new ad copy, to adding keywords, to reducing irrelevant competitive and mismatch clicks, we do it all for you.

We do not tie our compensation to ad fees, so our recommendations are unbiased. We help you to determine your PPC budget, and then you pay Google directly with no mark up. When our team detects potential to get more calls while maintaining significant returns, we will recommend increases in advertising spend. Our recommendations are subject to your approval and are never required.

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Built By Marketing Expert & Former Tower

towing websites dennis wencel

We build a lasting marketing asset you can leverage for years and not just ads that are gone the moment a search is complete. With a former tower Dennis Wencel as our president, our industry knowledge is ingrained.

No Technology Required

To deliver towing websites we provide high-tech solutions with low-tech requirements. We manage all your technology needs to engage your customers online, and you need only get involved if/when you want.

Live Reporting

To make it easy for you to view real-time website and Google Ads activity, We offer a dashboard feature you can view 24/7/365. You can detect how much traffic arrives on your towing website via unpaid sources like organic and direct, and you can monitor how many inquiries are generated by online advertising alone.

Trusted by Towing Company Across North America

Partnering with us, a towing company advertising agency working exclusively with towers, will save you money. Our plans are effective and will give your towing company everything it needs online for one low price. See what customers are saying about our Online Cash Call Builders for Towing Companies.

No Contract, Cancel Any Time

We are committed to your long-term online success and will not sacrifice your online reputation for short-term gains. We will never take shortcuts or put you in the position of being in violation of search engine guidelines. We never require a contract, so we stay eager to prove our value each and every month.

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Level I

$ 0 monthly

✓ Full-Scale Fundamentals

✗ Reputable Reviews

✗ Sustained Social Media

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Level II

$ 0 monthly

✓ Full-Scale Fundamentals

✓ Reputable Reviews

✗ Sustained Social Media

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Level III

$ 0 monthly

✓ Full-Scale Fundamentals

✓ Reputable Reviews

✓ Sustained Social Media

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