Do I get to keep the website if I cancel?

We understand extenuating circumstances sometimes result in terminating a marketing partner relationship. If this situation arises, you will have an opportunity to purchase the website we have [...]

What technology platform do you prefer?

We prefer whatever works the best for the current time period. Our development team routinely reviews and tests new and emerging ad and message-targeting technologies to evolve our practices to [...]

Do I maintain ownership of my URL?

Yes. We host your site, yet we never take possession of your domain. We point the domain to our servers from your account. If you don’t have one, we’ll purchase one on your behalf. We think you [...]

How long are your contracts?

We have no contracts. Our clients operate on a month-to-month basis and can cancel any time. We know our program will prove itself effective month after month–driving calls to your phone lines. [...]

How can I improve our results?

Provide us information on when the phone rings (or not) and on who’s calling (or not). Bury us in photos—of trucks on the their own, trucks with your employees, trucks in action, new trucks, [...]